First Date Facts

Hometown? Hobbies? Why is small talk so hard.

  Hometown? Hobbies?  
  Why is small-talk so hard?  

Home is where the hearth is.

I currently live in North Carolina, but my accent is from nearly 20 years each in Texas and California. “Y’alls feelings are, like, so valid.”

The last name (Zatopek) is Czech—there’s a few Czech towns in Texas. I don’t have a Czech accent, but my inner Slavic grandmother wants to know if you’ve eaten. Have you eaten? Are you hungry? Do you need a bite of something?

To quote a Czech baker from back home: “I don’t think it’s good to eat on an empty stomach.”

Find me by the fire.

I like singing by campfires, petting mossy rocks, and want to stop at all the caves and caverns on any road trip.

I enjoy attending ancestral and primitive skills gatherings and learning new campfire songs, trying to make fire without matches, and did I mention I like fire?

Spoons and Sparring.

I have a genetic disorder that kicks my ass with all sorts of symptoms. Pain. Fatigue. Fainting. I am forever running on a spoon deficit.

If you tell me to try essential oils or positive thinking, I will tell you to try sucking my 🍆

Despite my physical limitations, I have practiced a number of martial arts. I currently train in To-Shin Do. (If you’re gonna pass out, dojos have squishy mats. It’s ideal, really.)

Dogs or cats?

I’m highly allergic to and completely obsessed with cats.

I’m bisexual and not allergic to 😽.

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