June 30 - July 27

a unique quest

Once a week for five weeks, a very small group of strange friends gathers with Ren for a mix of spiritual counsel, spirit encounters, and spellcraft. Patterns within our stories, questions, and experiences in the first few sessions will reveal the group's unique quest.

Familiar+Spirits is $279 for the five weeks. (Less than a quarter of the price of one-on-one mentorship.)

You must be a current member of Hedge+Riders to join Familiar+Spirits.

a familiar path

01 + Friday June 30th at 1pm EDT

the coziest cabin

Our first session may take the shape of a warm gathering at the hearth. Learning names and identities and bits of story. Breathing through the social anxiety, the novelty. Collectively envisioning possible journeys.

02 + Friday July 7th at 1pm EDT

the knock on the door

Our second session may take the shape of feeling out the threshold. Who is knocking on the door? What calling from the soul is emerging? What signs or dreams or spirits are speaking? How do we answer that call?

03 + Thursday July 13th at 1pm EDT

the way through the woods

Our third session may clarify this group's quest. What is the shape of our journey? What preparations or teachings are needed? What tools or contacts are pre-requisite? How will we get from here to there?

04 + Thursday July 20th at 1pm EDT

the night on the mountain

Our fourth session may take the shape of a fate-turning spellcrafting, a co-created ritual, or an intensive spiritwork journey. We're going on an adventure! Bring your grounding snacks.

05 + Thursday July 27th at 1pm EDT

the happy homecoming

Our final session is, of course, a journey home. Back to the hearth for rest and reflections and questions. Back to the dreaming and gentle visioning and wondering—what's next?

If you'd like to participate or if you have questions, send me an email!